Sunday, July 21, 2013

CNC - First Steps

For almost 3 years I have had the "need" ... okay the want... to have a CNC machine to work with.
Well that dream was finally realized and I am extremely excited !! This is not BIM related, but it really ties in to another passion of mine. Plus who know, maybe I can start studying how BIMs can be utilized for manufacturing.

The machine I have is a  36" x36" 3 axis which is perfect for "hobby use". I build a routing surface from MDF and believe it or not, it is very portable. What is even greater is that it is controlled by my Surface Pro (yes very impressive little device)

I did have a little bit of background on the creation of tool paths and g-code. But had never really done it. There is nothing like the hands on experience. There is a learning curve and I have only scratched the surface at this point. However I am pleased with the results. I had the machine make some drawings for me as I am waiting on the router and some small accessories; I wish I would have had this machine when I was in Design school and need to produce hand drawings on mylar ;) ... Ha, maybe I can offer this to architecture students.

Anyhow here some images of what I have been working on.
Until next time !