Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Keep those patterns in check !

Hi again,

Well I hope you had a great weekend ! I wanted to start this week with something I though would be very useful during the creation of a template or the production of Construction documentsin regards to graphics. Before release 9.0 we were unable to control the direction or "alignment" of hatch pattens within a wall object, If the pattern looked good on a vertical wall in plan, then it did not look well in a horizontal wall; it just did not align to the boundaries of the wall.

Well to alleviate this, the great development team incorporated a new dialog box to the pattern properties that allow you to specify the method of alignment. Your choices are "Orient to view" - which is the Revit default which does not produce acceptable graphics; "Keep readable" - Which depending on the pattern you will want to use to force the pattern to stay aligned with the horizontal plane of your screen; and last "Align with element" - this option will produce the desired graphical condition for a pattern that is being used within a wall. - Oh I almost forgot, to access this dialog you must go into Settings>Fill Patterns then select the pattern you want to modify form the dialog box and click on the "settings" button on the upper right side. If you did everything correctly you will see the Modify Pattern Properties panel bellow. - Have a great week !